Highland of Romantic love

  • Locations : Mae Hong Son province, Pang Ung, Su Tong Pae
  • Bride & Groom : Pinpakk and Golf
  • Pre wedding / Engagement photography : lovedezign
  • Wedding Presentation : lovedezign
  • Wedding Accessories : Enya Accessories

Pang Ung : The miracle land

Pang Ung reservoir is located 44 kilometers from Mae Hong Son’s city. It is the most beautiful reservoir in Thailand, surrounded by evergreen forest pine trees. The atmosphere is calm,  serene and relax, especially during cool winter morning in December – January. You may see the fog that come from morning sunlight that will lingering kiss the water surface. It is a romantic place for people who love to take a deep breath for fresh cold air and impressed by the beautiful mountains with the lake view.

Su Tong Pae : The hopeful bridge

Su Tong Pae is language of Thai Yai (Thai people that live along Burma lineage). The meaning is prayer that will be successful. It is the bamboo bridge, width about 2 m long 500 m which is the most longest bridge in Thailand. It is located in Mae Hong Province that connect between Tham Phoo Sa Ma Garden Temple and Kung Mai Saak Village. This bridge was built by the monks and Buddhist faithful villagers across the rice paddle and Mae Sa Nga river. If we walk to the bridge’s center and pray, we believe that our hope will come true. Today it is a tourist attraction that worth a visiting.



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