Your dream destinations in Thailand is now opening. Enjoy with the most spectacular view from the North of Thailand.

Chiangmai : rice terrace, cheery blossom, Doi Inthanon, Angka Forest Natural Trail, Kew Mae Pan Trekking, Chiangmai Grand Canyon

Mae Hong Son : Pang Ung reservoir, Su Tong Pae bridge, Rak Thai tea terrace village

Only 3 exclusive couples :

1.   Mae Klang Luang rice terrace , Angka Forest Natural Trail, Doi Inthanon

during   11st – 12nd or 16th – 17th November, 2015. The rice harvest is on 21st – 22nd November.

You can updated status of the rice terrace in Chiangmai from the facebook (updated today).

2.  Loy Kratong Festival in Chiangmai, Chiangmai Grand Canyon and Mon Jam

during 24th – 25th November, 2015

3. Cherry blossom and Kew Mae Pan Trekking

during 15th – 16th January, 2016

Mae Hong Son  22nd – 24th December, 2015 and 4th – 6th January, 2016 (Pang Ung reservoir)

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