Love Passport : Paz & Herman
Wedding Venue : Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi

Sometime you may think that love with a long distance is impossible right? For Paz & Herman, nothing is impossible if they let it become true.
Their relationship start from being a friend while they studied in Australia. That’s how they met. Herman is coming from Singapore -full of
light & sound city  and Paz is coming from Krabi – a province of the most spectacular and beautiful nature in Thailand. It must be a
destiny. Thank you a little cupid to lead them to find each other. Paz is the world to Herman.  I have read the special message from him to
her. These note can make burst into tear.  I am willing to share it to everyone to prove how much he love her.

Words from Herman to Paz.
” If I could use one word to describe my wife…
It would be the word ‘impossible’.
Why you ask?
Well, its simply because she’s everything to me.
She’s my friend, my partner, my life… my everything.
She’s basically the soul mate, I’ve been searching for all my life.
Simple as that.
So that’s why she’s ‘Impossible’.
Since there’s not one word, to describe someone – who is but one in this world, but to one person… she’s the world.”

I feel so lucky to know them and their family. Paz’s grandmother and grandfather is the ideal for eternality love. They are happy with
their live. At the end of video, you will see the grandpa play the violin. He is a genius man who can play the violin by heart without any
note. He can play any songs. I saw how happy they were in the wedding day. They danced together. Those memory will last forever and
the beautiful picturesque I will never forget. They make me learn how to have a happy life. When you are happy, you will look healthy
and live long.

Congratulations on your union as life partners. I’m so happy that the two of you have found love in each other. May your married life
be full of laughter and you will love each other forever after.

Leaw & Gai