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Zoe and Frank came from Shanghai. They really like our photos that we take, it makes them feel the emotions on the true moment. They are together for more than 7 years and engaged on their post-graduate graduation ceremony. So, the wedding day at Silavadee, Koh Samui is the place that they would tie a knot and want it to be perfect.

We met them a day before to take the pre wedding photo and get to know their relatives. Frank told me to capture their parent at the wedding. Because they are so special and every moment are so precious for them. The most important thing sometimes is not come from the luxury decoration but the true happiness is.

When the couple love our photos, we were over the moon. We are honored to keep the moment forever as the wedding photojournalist. All we will do is to show your true love, the relaxed feel of your session, filled with candid moments of happiness.

Each of you is very special in your own way. Together you are even more special. You are both a gift to each other. Congratulations on your union as life partners. We are so happy that the two of you have found love in each other.